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Diablo 3 Guide: One Billion to Build Witch Doctor 280K DPS for MP 10
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide09/02/2013

These days, a lot of players come back to Diablo 3 after a long time AFK. To build a Witch Doctor able to Farm Monster Power 10 efficiently, you need have at least one Billion Diablo 3 Gold in stock. The gems of top would cost you almost 100 million. Let alone other part of items.


Crafted Items for Shoulder, Glove and Amulet: With the introduction of crafted account bound items from Blacksmith and the jeweler, we could save quite a lot of gold. Go to the Auction House to buy the Design: Amulet of Intelligence, Plan: Archon Gauntlets of Intelligence and Plan: Archon Spaulders of Intelligence with no more than 20,000 gold. Then the stats of your items depends of your luck. I guess 100 million D3 Gold would be the maximum.
Gloves = intelligence + Vitality + Attack Speed + Critical Hit Damage + Critical Hit Chance
Amulet = Intelligence + Vitality + Critical Hit Damage + Critical Hit Chance
Glove = Intelligence + All resistance

Crafted Items for Shoulder, Glove and Amulet


Zunimassa Four Set for Helm, Chest Amor, Ring and Boots: These four parts would cost you around 400 million. These four part is the center for your high DPS. You can get around 1000 intelligence and 500 vitality. It is worth to spend most of your budget on these part.

Zunimassa chest armor


Manajuma's Two set for Weapon and Off-hand: Weapon with socket, critical hit damage, life steal would cost you 150 million Diablo3 Gold. Off-hand would be 50 million gold. +130 intelligence for the two set.

Manajuma's Two set for Weapon and Off-hand


The Witching Hour Belt, Rare Ring and Lacuni prowlers Bracer can have 200 million Gold.


Gems get 100 million plan.


Target Stats:
50K Life
280,000 DPS


I would recommend Zombie Build for you. This is the easiest build to control for your returning. Below is the skills and runes choice for Witch Doctor Zombie build. Or Firebat Witch Doctor Weapon Skorn or Mojo

Witch Doctor Zombie build

  • 1. New Class Crusader
  • 2. Paragon 2.0
  • 3. Item 2.0
  • 4. Loot Runs
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