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Diablo III: Auction House still Feature in Reaper of Souls
tag nameDiablo III08/23/2013

On Gamescom in Germany, Blizzard has announced Diablo 3 Expansion Reaper of Souls. D3 has enjoyed quite popularity in 2012. After the even, we are lucky to have Diablo 3 designer Josh Mosqueira. Compared with the mystery style before the announcement, Josh has finally got the chance to talk what he want.

d3 new class crusader


When we asked about Diablo 3 Auction House which has cause dispute for so long, "and because of that we still feel that the original intent of the auction house--providing a safe and secure means of players to trade items--is still working really well. In fact, in the territories that don't have an auction house the number of account compromises is totally out of whack with the rest of the world." Josh said.

new class crusader passive skills


In Reaper of Souls, we would like to use Loot 2.0 to describe the new drop mode. You can see in the Gameplay Teaser that you would get few but better drops. Legendary items would preserve more attributes to change the skills. Players can DOY their heroes more conveniently. Loot Run mode would generate a dungeon 15 -20 minutes. You could get fabulous rewarding there.

crusader skills and runes


As to the PVP, Josh said "Ye, we are having something in experiment. In 2010 Blizzard Gala, we have showed another arena mode. It was not been added in the game eventually. We do not want PVP to impact on the core of the game joys. We have been considering how to introduce in PVP. Earlier this year, Brawling in Patch 1.0.7 is a small try."


The challenge of importing PVP lies there, the joy of Diablo 3 is massive AOE skills fighting with dense monsters. If PVP has the same thing, it would be a mess. Anyway, we are discuss this problem right now. Believe me, players would enjoy PVP alone and in a team.

  • 1. Hellfire Ring
  • 2. Unity Ring
  • 3. Stone of Jorden Ring
  • 4. Rare dropped Ring
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