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Poll: Which Rings would You Choose for your D3 Barbarian
tag namePoll08/17/2013

Sometimes I do wish that I could wear two Hellfire Rings on both of my Barbarian. The way to Paragon level 100 is long and hard. Unlike Monk who have to choose Natalya’s Ring to get that 7% Critical Hit Chance and the other one has to wear Hellfire Ring to get the 35% XP bonus. Barbarian has nothing to consider in the rings but the damage. Which rings would you choose among Hellfire Ring, Unity, Stone of Jordan and the Dropped Rare Rings?


Hellfire Rings: Hellfire is for those who are striving to achieve high Monster Power. I guess most Barbarian would choose this ring before he hit the Paragon level top. The high main stat of Strength can help you boost your damage as well. If you are lucky enough, you can even get critical hit damage, critical hit chance and attack speed here.


Unity: This legendary ring is a good tool to deal with Elites. It would increases Damage Against Elites by 3-4%. Critical Hit Chance has been the inherent attribute. Especially in the Brawling part, the other player is regarded as an Elite Monster.


Stone of Jordan: Those hit and run monsters are extremely annoying. But with the freezing stat of Jordan, it would be much easier. When you come across those with Molten and Poison stats, this would keep you safer to freeze the monsters instead of running around you.


Rare Dropped Rings: You can never imagine what rare rings have in stock for you. You can not find the best only the better. There is no limit for rare rings.


Which two rings would you choose? Tell us your choices in our feedback and discuss it together in our Facebook community.

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