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Poll: Close of D3 Auction House Permanently
tag namePoll08/10/2013

Auction House has given players the possibility to upgrade their equipment rapidly. But the negative impact it brings to the game is huge as well. Former Chief designer Jay Wilson once said, “If possible, we want to close the Auction House”. The loophole of Patch 1.0.8 Diablo 3 Gold Copy bug pushed the US server AH to the brink of collapse. It seems that the Auction House is already “More Harm than good”. Do you think Blizzard should close Auction House permanently?


Support the close of AH: A lot of players despise the one who buy to win. This is unfair for those who farm themselves. After a whole day tough farming, you do not get something. Then you find someone who just come online and buy the item you want most with a few dollars. How do you think? Do you still have the motivation to farm, especially when the drops are full with junks? I guess the reason a lot of players AFK is this.


Disapprove of the close of AH: Close the Auction House is never a easy task. Besides, you should enjoy the game as it is. Compare the items with others is stupid. Just as you envy the big house your neighbor have. Can you suggest to stop the use of money and everyone should be equal? There are some guys who never buy items in the Auction House. If you do not like it, you could just ignore it. This does not affect your joy in the game.


Neutral in the close of AH: It does not make big difference to those who do not rely heavily on the Auction House. We never farming to live. The game is fun and is merely a tool for entertainment. We should never take everything serious. It would be too tired.


What’s your opinion on the close of D3 Auction House Permanently? Cast your vote and make your voice heard.


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