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Diablo 3 Guide: Analysis of three popular pants
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide08/02/2013

We are glad to share this article about three popular pants analysis. Hope this would help you choose proper items in Auction House.


Depth Diggers

Any random property would let your strength up to 300 and 100 vitality. Sound exciting? As you know, the pant is the best armor to enhance your offensive. In addition, this depth digger has the attribute of GF and MF. The 2 random magic properties would provide the amazing attributes for you. About the price, the pant which has two sockets would arrive at 10 million gold.


Blackthorne's Jousting Mail

As you can see, the basic attributes are excellent! The total attributes value about 400 and extra 10-12% life as well as each hit adds life. The benefit from the Blackthorne's set is attractive. You will be the lucky dog if you have the Blackthorne Armor and Pant. Meanwhile, if you can get the 2 random magic attributes of 100 strength and 100 vitality are wonderful. Actually, the MF is useless in the latterly. If you want to get the great attributes of 180 strength,120 vitality, 70 all resistance the price of this pants would arrive at 2 million gold.


Inna's Temperance

The attribute of attack speed increased would increase the damage when the Barbarian uses the Sprint. Meanwhile, the critical hit chance attack speed would maximize the DPS. While, the Inna's set has no benefit for the Barbarian, it is the best choice for Monk and Demon Hunter. The only one random magic property is not enough.

Which alteration do you prefer most in Diablo III?
  • 1.To increase the spirit regenerate of Inna' set
  • 2.Remove One with everything natural abilities
  • 3.To enhance the unpopular skill such as Lashing Tail Kick and Inner Sanctuary and so on
  • 4.Add the icon to illustrate the buff time of Dead Reach and Guiding Light
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