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Poll: Which Profession would you choose to start the Self-found in Diablo III?
tag namePoll07/31/2013

Recently, lots of players discuss the Self-found in the Diablo III forum. Meanwhile, there are lots of players start to make group together playing Self-found now. What do you think of it? Will you participate in this new mode? We still have no ideal about the new change in Diablo III, before the BlizzCon release that we can make the research. If the Self-found is added in the game, which profession would choose to start farming adventure?


1.Witch Doctor – Best profession for farming

Would you choose the Witch Doctor start the Self-found farming adventure in the Diablo III? As for now, WD would be the best choice for players to farming gold easy. After the adjustment of patch 1.0.8 released, the Fire bat enhanced by Blizzard. Meanwhile, the AOE damage would better for you kill lots of monster in the limited time. What do you think so?

2.Monk – Best profession for attack damage

Monk is my only choice in the Self-found. The strong viability and assistance skills decide this profession is the best choice in the group. If you decide take part in the group, would you refuse the Monk? Although the efficiency of farming is not considerable at the early stage, you can notice how strong the Monk in the high monster power. Meanwhile, the skill of Sweeping Wind and Fists of Thunder in you build would increase the efficiency. Why not have a try?

3.Wizard – Best profession for gorgeous vision

There is no doubt that Wizard has the gorgeous skills in Diablo III. At the beginning, the flourishing skills make us feel so exciting to play it day and day. In addition, Wizard is the best profession to control the battlefield. Would you enjoy frozen the opponents? Actually, I like to release the skill to slow down the enemies speed and save more time for my companion to output damage. It is my honor!

4.Demon Hunter – Best profession for Fashion show

Most of players would consider that Demon Hunter is the fragile profession in Diablo III. While, the slim figure of DH is very pretty and charming. I do really like the weapon of this profession, which has high operation requirements. I supposed that players come to this world because the challenge. For me, playing Demon Hunter is the big challenge.

5. Barbarian – Best Profession for Strong powerful 

Barbarian would be the most popular profession which is my first choice in Diablo III. The operation of Bar is easily and you can up to level fast. In the darkness world, the item for Barbarian is easy to farm. I would try this character again in Self-found.

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