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Diablo 3 Guide:The Report for Barbarian choose Great Helms in Auction House
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide07/27/2013

In Diablo III, most of players would spend lots of time on searching the excellent items in Auction House. Parts of our clients complained that choosing ideal items is troublesome. How can we choose the appropriate items fast and easy? This article aims to help those players who need the help of purchasing D3 Items fast. We take the barbarian as example.

Immortal King's Triumph

This set helm has special beneficial for Barbarian. The exciting attribute is that strength would break through 200. The fixed attributes of critical hit chance increased and the melee damage reduced are attractive. Of course, the price of this item is never go cheap. If you want to get the helm which has 190 strength, 70 all resistance and 5 critical hit chance, to prepare more than 2 million gold is necessary. While, compared with the Mempo of Twilight it hasn’t the attack speed. According to our research, the Immortal helm is the most popular choice for Barbarian in Diablo III. You may have a try on it!

Mempo of Twilight

This legendary item has two random magic attributes is amazing! And the strength property would up to 200! Sounds great? There is no doubt that price is crazy. If you items has the properties of strength, vitality and critical hit chance that is a pieces of masterwork. Compared to the Immortal helm, the comprehensive ability is high. So, the price is on the high side.

Andariel's Visage

There is no doubt that advantage of this legendary helm is the attributes of attack speed increased and critical hit chance increased. In addition that, the cost-effective price would better for most of poor players. As for my personal experience, the properties of chance to cast a poison Nova is great. While, I think the modeling of this helm is not suitable for my cool barbarian. Meanwhile, the more fire damage taken is terrible! As I know, the Andarel’s Visage which has 9 attack speed, 150 strength, 4.5 critical hit chance about 4,000,000 Diablo 3 gold.

These three popular helms for Barbarian are suitable for different level. You can in accordance with your real situation to choose the ideal one! Thanks for your visiting.

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