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Poll: What kind of teammate do you hate most in Diablo 3 Public Mode?
tag namePoll07/22/2013

At present, most of D3 players would choose to take part in the Public game farming and upgrading with strangers. We don't know what kinds of players would be our teammate and weather or not the unknown wonderful adventure would bring us rich harvest. What is the most important factor in the group? Absolutely it is the teamwork which plays the important role in the public game. While, in the group what kind of teammate do you hate most? Com here share your experience with us.

1.Barbarian with Sprint and Whirlwind skill build. To improve the efficiency of farming gold and upgrading, the best method is collecting monsters together. While, the Barbarian with Sprint and Whirlwind who less of teamwork and prefer to run fast and appeal monster here and there is unpopular. As for my personal experience, I do really don’t like to make team with Barbarian who always ignore the teamwork.


2.Weakness Wizard. Sometimes, the Wizard is the key core in the group which in charge of controlling the battle-field. Especially for the Ice Wizard which would support us to output more damage. While, there are some players dislike the Ice Wizard because the gorgeous skills always resulted in slow computer response. In addition that, some Ice Wizard can’t freeze the monster anymore.


3.Monk with Wave of Light. In fact, the Monk is the popular profession in the group because the useful heal skills. No matter the Breath of heaven or the Mantra of evasion that would enhance the viability of allies. As for the Monk who always use Wave of Light is annoying. Each time Wizard freeze monster and the Wave of light would hit monsters everywhere. To collect monsters together is the essential in the group!


4.Novice of Demon Hunter. As for my view, Demon Hunter is flexible profession who needs the operation skills. If you are the newbie in the group to farm high Monster level is easy to die. In fact, most of players ignored the existence of DH in the group.


5.The hero arm with Echoing fury. We all know the Echoing fury has the attribute of chance to fear on hit which would make the monsters run around. We all hate the players who break up the monsters group and waste time to chase it.

Which one is your most dislike type in the group? Vote it or come to our FACEBOOK Page share your opinion with us.

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