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Diablo 3 Guide: The Most Dangerous Monsters in Patch1.0.8 Hardcore
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide07/17/2013

Diablo 3 haven't been updated for 2 months, and the new updated is far away. We supposed that you fell boring in the Normal mode, and the huge amounts of players swarm into Hardcore mode so that the tombstone can't afford the requirement. Believed most of monsters you ignored in Normal mode would kill you easily in HC. Now, we would like to introduce the most deadly monsters in Diablo 3.

1.Savage Beast
Savage Beast as the fierce beast has a very hot temper. Supposed his trump skill ever make you died in second. In the Hardcore mode, if your life blood and defensive is low that you are easily be killed. The dangerous rate is Five Start!

2. Fallen Lunatic
Fallen Lunatic is the only world-weary monster in Diablo 3. We have no idea about it whether trained by terrorist organization or not. While, the world-weary is not hateful but it is disgusting to bring the companion buried with the dead. Generally, if it finds the target the determination of dead would be increased and the damage is high. Meanwhile, it possible appearance make group. The dangerous rate is Five Start!

3.Highland Walker
The Highland walker is the recently popular killer which looks like mobility-handicapped and release the poison bag to attack players. Although it is the deadly attack, the continued Poison Cloud would result in the life blood decreased sharply and to match with other small monster attack you. Never look down on it. The dangerous rate is four starts!

4. Writhing Deceiver
You would better don't attack most of Writhing Deceiver, when they are make group and disappear, the next moment is your doom day! If you encounter this monster you'd better attack it one by one, careful would make you safe.

5. Hulking Phasebeast
Although the Hulking ever been weaken, the mobility and high attack damage still the deadly star for the Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor. To match with the Succubus, it will kill you easily and quickly.

6. Mallet Lord
Actually, Mallet Lord is very lonely. In most cases, everyone want to enter into A4. Although the heaven was occupied by the fallen angel, it looks like so depression. 

7. The Bad Disconnection
This monster isn't belong to the Diablo 3 world. As long as your internet connect has delay or break, you would be happy that you stay at village and feel sorry that you stay at wild.

Above these are not all the monster in the Diablo 3 Hardcore mode, maybe these monster is a piece of cake for you, maybe some monsters didn’t mentioned, I supposed most of players have dead when encounter these monsters.

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