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Diablo 3 Guide: Two Kinds of Exclusive Sets for Wizard in Diablo 3
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide07/12/2013

As we all know that each career in Diablo 3 has its distinct sets and equipments because of its unique skills. The same goes for Wizard which plays as a live battery to attach enemies from the long and ranged distance. As the name of Wizard indicates, magic power is the most distinctive feature for this career. Hence, every item for Wizard can be used as the guide of the magic. Arcane power, the most valuable power for Wizard, will be developed more efficiently once combining with appropriate sets and equipments. Here, two kinds of exclusive sets will be introduced for Wizard.

Tal Rasha is the most accepted set for Wizard

Generally speaking, this set includes five equipments, mainly focusing on the upper body. Tal Rasha’s Guise of Wisdom aims to protect the head. This helm can be used to increase Critical Hit Chance and Arcane Power Regeneration by 2 per Second. Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit, a set chest armor used to protect torso, also carries nearly the same functions as the previous helm. Both the attack speed and the Arcane Power Regeneration can be improved. Tal Rasha’s Brace is a belt used for protecting waist. Tal Rasha’s Allegiance is an amulet used to protect the neck. All the Tal Rasha’s sets carry the abilities to improve the Critical Hit Damage and possess enough high intelligence. What makes this set strong is not the single equipment but the whole combination. Defense attribute would be improved a lot by using the whole Tal Rasha set. If you think that each Tal Rasha equipment mentioned before is not a big deal, then Tal Rasha’s Unwavering Glare would be a cool weapon deserved to appreciate. This off-hand weapon only belongs to the Wizard. This is an ideal equipment for Wizard to gain enough Arcane Power through Critical Hits.

Chantodo's Wand is also another exclusive item for Wizard

Wand plays an essential role for focalizing the magic power. Hence, a nice wand is also regarded as the requisite weapon for Wizard. Chantodo’s Will, the 1-hand wand, is the most typical weapon among those wands. It carries great DPS and damage. When it combines with Chantodo’s Force, another exclusive off-hand source for Wizard, the damage from elites can be reduced a lot. Both of the Chantodo’s sets carry high damage and numerous magic properties. Different damage will be increased when combining with different skills.

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