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Poll: What Causes You AFK Diablo 3
tag namePoll07/11/2013

Regardless of how each person feel of the D3, the fact it gets troubled at present is undeniable. Most players have been lost, while the new patch and expansion is still far away. Present version has a lack of playability, just like the previous versions: the low level at A1, middle class in the A2, high unlimited in the ACT3. Basically it’s difficult to get the top equipment. I have tried in a public game team, two hours there drop 2 humble legendary items. Demonic Essence picked up a lot, but forged no good ones with bad luck. Thinking about the dark world, there are no other feelings left in addition to boring and frustrate. Which of the following factors is the reason that you temporarily leave Diablo 3?


1. Changeless Farm Acts
In Diablo 3, which act you should go is almost stable. To change a place means giving up some parts of efficiency. Every day is the same map and monster point for you, how can it not be boring? Why not having some dynamic events? Those unpredictable battles would make the game full of challenge.


2. Monster Drop lack diversity
D3 development team has designed so many types of monsters for players, but people have no reason to go and experience each of them. How long have you not gone to A4 fighting with the elite Fallen Angel? Facing with more powerful monsters, but the drops of them are nearly the same, who would still be interested in the challenges? Why can not the achievement system play a role at this time?


3. Less creative BD
The classes in Diablo 3 just have 2-3 mainstream build. Barbarian Duplex Cyclone, Witch Doctor Bears build and Firebat are played from 1.0.4 to now. The lack of Item attribute contributes to limitation of BD open. Along the way Blizzard tried to balance the skills at every update, while the imbalance keep existing and will always do. Why not improve the Item attribute to make up for deficiencies in some skills?


4. Equipment and gold monopoly
The gap between the rich and poor in diablo3 is still very large. Those players who buy diablo 3 gold through the online store can certainly equip with top items and weapon, the level would get up faster. The higher the level means you have greater chance to get the legendary equipment and you'll become richer, while a variety of BUG and BOT led to the prices confusion of auction house.

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