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Diablo 3 Guide: The Analysis of Demon Hunter Advantage
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide07/10/2013

As for now, to experience different professions in Diablo III is the only way to gain more fun. Before the new patch released, we should explore the unknown place to enjoy the different gaming experience. Now, we would post the brief analysis of Demon Hunter to help the player who wants to transform the other character.


Demon Hunter is the agilely profession which has gorgeous DPS Panel and the ability of steal life is strong. As for my personal experience, the primary operation for DH is standing up to output damage. The incredible damage number in the screen is exciting!


While, most of players consider the DH is the weakest among five characters. Although the panel DPS is high, the high Proc Coefficient make DH isn't easy to output the damage. Meanwhile, the excellent skills such as Bola Shot and Spike Trap have the delay time. In addition, the skill has high attack damage would consume high energy and cold time. Facing the numerous monster groups in ACT1, the ability of AOE is insufficient resulted in Low survival ability. But in the ACT3, the flexible DH would play full of advantage. In the ACT2, the key monster is the nightmare for DH which would reflect the main attack damage from Demon Hunter, and you would be died instantly.


How should DH remain on his feet to output damage? Most of players wondering how did weakness DH keep survival in the battlefield? Shadow Power gaining 15% of all damage done as Life for 5 seconds and Perfectionist Increases your Life, Armor and all of your resistances by 10% decided you can keep stubbornly standing. It is easy to increase life blood of DH by items improved. The beneficial of Quiver can enhance the primary attribute about dexterity and additional 20% attack speed.

Different from other profession, Demon Hunter has two energy system. At present, as long as DH arm with Calamity which has high attack speed to match the Shadow Power that you can keep ultimate discipline under the situation of equip with rare components. If you can buy the New Inna’s set and Stone of Jordon, the discipline would overflow. Of course, you should ensure the high attack speed that can make sure the sufficient discipline. At the beginning, the newbie should spend time on learning how to control the discipline consumption.


Hope this brief analysis would help the Demon Hunter newbie would know more about this profession. Good luck!

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