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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Cyclone Combination Strike Build to Power Level Fast
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide07/06/2013

I have used the Wave of Light build for a long time. But it is a little annoying in the public game when my wave of light scatter the monsters away. This is especially frustrating for the Freezing build Wizard. Monk Cyclone Combination Strike build, however, would draw the monsters around you and you need not chase after them. This can give your paragon level 100 much faster.


Below is the skill and runes of Cyclone Combination Strike build:

If you are a loyal Monk player, you would find that this build actually is the combination of Cyclone Strike build and Combination build.


Fists of Thunder and Deadly Reach: These two spirit generation skills can add 8% damage for 3 seconds. With the mantra of Conviction, your damage would be increased a lot.


Sweeping Wind and Cyclone Strike: These two skills are the core damage output skills. If you are in low Monster power, you can start with the Cyclone Strike, one would kill a bunch. In high monster Power, begin with the Sweeping wind to gain spirit then cyclone strike. Do you know that when you are frozen by the monsters, use the Cyclone strike can lift the spell? This is a tip for you.


Breath of Heaven- Blazing Wrath: As we have give up the serenity, we would choose one to gain life back when you are in danger. This can increase your damage for a while as well.

Seize the initiative can increase your armor level. Fleet footed can help you get Diablo 3 power leveling fast.

Items requirement:

Inna four set are necessary to reduce the cost of sweeping wind as well as increase the Spirit Regeneration.

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