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Diablo 3 Guide: Should Witch Doctor choose the Plague Bats or Cloud of Bats?
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide07/02/2013

Recently, the hot discussion of choosing the better rune for Witch Doctor Firebats Skill Build in the Diablo III Forum has attracted most attention. Different player has different opinion in this question, some people prefer to Plague Bats and parts of player like Cloud of Bats. What is your choice? As for my personal experience, you should choose the suitable rune in according with your skill build and equipment.

So, I would like to experience the two different runes and analyse the merit and demerit for the novice of Witch Doctor. As you see, this is my personal skill build:

First, we should talk about the DPS create by these runes. There is no doubt that damage of Plague Bats and Cloud of Bats would increase over the time. The different is the former has the maximum of 577% damage and the latter has no maximum. Obviously, the DPS of Cloud Bats is higher than Plague Bats. 

Attack Range:
As the picture shows, the damage range of Plague Bats is widely and continuous ability damage is strong. In other words, the ability of stealing life is amazing. And the damage range of Cloud Bats is less and there is no continuous damage. In addition, the attack surface of Plague Bats is fanned out and the Cloud of Bats would create damage omnibearing.


If you have arrived at the high level and you prefer to farm Demonic Essence and items that you should choose Plague Bats which is suitable to conduct with the elites and Urber. The long range damage and continuous damage output can ensure your survival ability. To facing the monsters which have the affixes of Plagued and Mortar, to use this rune can stand here to release the damage. Of course, you should match with Spirit Walk to acquire the life regeneration.

If you prefer to upgrade that you can choose Cloud of Bats to increase your efficiency. The simple and violent skill has strong ability of life stealing. The all-direction damage output is suitable for the close-combat in ACT1 field of misery. While, to encounter the monster which has fast movement is weakness. What’s more, the high DPS means you need the high EHP to deal with the reflect damage foes.


In the end, to clearly understand your skill build, equipments demand and operation that you can choose the right runes and skills for your hero. Welcome you come to our FACEBOOK Community share your personal experience with us.

What kind of Monster Affixes group you feared most in Diablo 3 Inferno?
  • 1. Reflects Damage + Teleporter + Votrex + Fire Chains
  • 2. Reflects Damage + Arcane Enchanted + Plagued + Molten
  • 3. Waller + Arcane Enchanted + Jailer + Mortar
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