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Poll: What kind of Monster Affixes group you feared most in Diablo 3 Inferno?
tag namePoll06/28/2013

In Patch 1.0.8, with the increased of monster density so that there are lots of farming routes we can have a try. In the preview news, we have introduced the top farming routes and create a vote for the topic: Which Farming Routes is Your Favorite? During the tough farming process, we encountered kinds of monsters and always be killed by some elites. As we all know, the monster in Inferno can have up to four affixes. Facing the numerous affixes, what kind of Monster Affixes group you feared most in Diablo 3 Inferno?

1. Reflects Damage + Teleporter + Votrex + Fire Chains

In the Carter of Arreat, you will encounter the monster has these four affixes always. As for the player who has high DPS, the reflect damage would kill you easy. In addition, the Teleporter affix for the Demon Hunter who has slowly movement and low life blood is the nightmare. The fire Chains always link three or four elites together, you should be careful if you were surrounded by the group. To use the escape skill would save your life in the emergency.

2. Reflects Damage + Arcane Enchanted + Plagued + Molten

In the Deepth you would always encounter the elites with these four affixes. The damage from Arcane is fearsome and you would careful keep distance with the Arcane and Plagued. Generally, the monster has the affix of Molten and Plagued would make you have no place to stand. So, to ensure fast movement speed not only can help you increase the farming efficiency but also it would help you escape fast. As you know, the time is life!

3. Waller + Arcane Enchanted + Jailer + Mortar

The terrible Waller and Arcane Enchanted always appear together. The stone wall would disrupt you release damage and stuck you in the narrow place so that you can not escape. With the other damage Mortar and Arcane around, you would be dying without a doubt. In addition, as long as you were immobilized by the Jailer you would better use the defensive skill hurry up. Otherwise, you will be killed within 3 seconds in the high monster power.

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