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Diablo 3 Guide: Spike Trap Demon Hunter Equipment
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide06/26/2013

Recently, the adjustment of Rapid Fire makes Demon Hunter more powerful. Most of players change to DH and experience the different gaming experience. The high DPS output is really attractive and amazing. Meanwhile, the discussion about how to choose weapon is popular. Should DH choose Calamity or the Manticore? That’s absolutely depends on your skill build and other equipments. Today, we will introduce a skill build and weapon for Demon Hunter player reference.

As we all know, the Hand Crossbow is specialized for the Demon Hunter and the characteristic is high attack speed. Apparently, Blizzard positioning it as the high attack speed profession. In addition, the hatred, discipline recovery and frequency of life steal are related to the attack speed. In other words, it illustrates the significance of high attack speed to DH. While, due to the existence of Manticore that most of Demon Hunter can have a try on this skill build.


According to my personal experience, parts of DH are used Bola Shot + Spike Trap in the high MP. But it is disadvantage to the DH who arm with Manticore. The shortcoming of slow attack speed result in the hatred and disciplined recover slow. In the high MP, we should ensure enough life blood to support. So, to ensure the stability and efficiency we should use Grenades + Vault. Facing the numerous monsters at present patch, the Grenades + Cluster Grenades can create powerful AOE skill. As for the Vault, it absolutely should match with Tactical Advantage which increases the movement speed. We always keep eyes on the DPS and neglect the efficiency to smash monsters.


The attributes of this Stone of Jordon means so much to me. As you see, the 10 Maximum discipline and increases Spike Trap damage by 11% not only can ensure the discipline but also it would increase my DPS. If your resistance and life blood arrive at standard, to improve the damage is the most important thing.

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