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Diablo 3 Guide: Demon Hunter Skill Build Shares in Hardcore
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide06/20/2013

After my Barbarian arrived at 100 Paragon Level, I decide to challenge myself and march into Hardcore. There is no doubt that is a tough and interesting adventure and I always ask myself how long can I hold on? All things are difficult before they are easy, now I’m glad to share my experience of playing Demon Hunter in Hardcore.

Because I play as Barbarian which is the close combat profession in Normal mode, I desire to experience the long-distance character in Hardcore. Meanwhile, the operation of DH is flexible and skill build looks like various and changeable. In addition, the high critical hit damage and DPS are attractive. So, I started my DH hardcore experience 2 month ago!

What is the most important in Diablo 3? Absolutely life is everything in Hardcore! So, as for the choice of skill you should pay attention on the security. Fortunate, there are lots of saving life skills we can choose for DH. Now, share my skill build with you.


Rapid Fire + Withering Fire: No matter in the Normal Mode or the Hardcore, the Rapid Fire would be the necessary choice for DH. In the patch 1.0.8, Blizzard enhances this skill so that most of take use of this one as the primary damage output skill. The low cost of 10 hatred consumption can create powerful damage. The marvelous 438% weapon damage can smash monster group efficiency. 

Caltrops + Torturous Ground: This rune can immobilize enemies within 2 seconds that is ideal skill to control monster. As long as you can ensure the sustained of Rapid Fire that you absolutely can clear parts of monster within 2 seconds.

Preparation + Battle Scars: Not only it would restore your all discipline, but also it would regenerate 60% life. In other word, you have the second life when you in the emergency. As for Demon Hunter in Hardcore, it absolutely is the core skill. It is said, every cloud has a silver lining. Only has this skill that you can ensure sufficient life blood and chance to fight enemies.

As for weapon, you should try your best to socket the top red gem to it! I have to say it is your survival determining factor. Meanwhile, you should focus on the attack speed. There is no need to pursuit the attack speed to increase damage output, actually it would let you use hatred fast. So, we should always care of the discipline. When the discipline ball is insufficient, you shouldn’t release preparation right now. When the elites close to you that is the high time to restore discipline and release Caltrops then use Vault to lengthen distance.

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