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Diablo 3 Guide: Tips for Monk Vs Witch Doctor in PVP
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide06/14/2013

In the patch 1.0.8, you can enter into the PVP mode in the Public Game. Everyday, there are lots of hero decide to challenge the different players rather than the stupid monsters. Different from PVE, you can’t depend on the high life blood and armor to resist the damage from monsters. Facing the flexible and unknown opponent, you can experience the different feeling of fighting for your honour.


Recently, Salediablo3 held the PVP Contest for our loyal customers. As long as you participate in our activity that you can obtain free Diablo 3 Gold as the rewards. To match the Contest, we will share more expert PVP experience with you. Hope you guys would enjoy it! Now, we would share several tips of fighting in PVP mode.


For my personal viewpoint, Monk is the strongest character in the PVP. Not only for the fast movement speed, but also the high DPS of terrible Wave of Light as well as Sevensided Strike that would attack you can’t fight back. Of course, the Witch Doctor has increased the Firebats in new patch is a considerable threat.

First, we should talk about the Life Blood and Life recovery. There is no doubt that Life health in PVP is the necessary, but you shouldn’t blindly to increase the life blood. Although the Monk has kinds of skill can reduce the damage and heal the allies, the skill to recover life blood is less. Except the Breath of Heaven, we should pay more attention on the life on hits and attribute of vitality.


Second, Offensive and Attack are most important to fight with Witch Doctor. Facing different Witch Doctor, you should arm with different weapon. Of course, the serenity should be used in the emergency which you were controlled by the Hex. The other important tip is that you should socket green gem in your weapon no matter you are 2-hand Monk or the Dual wield Monk. In the PVP, each hit decides the game. As long as the critical hit damage can enhance you DPS.



Monk PVP Skill Build Recommendation:

1.Mobility and Dexterity
The Tempest Rush not only reduces the enemy movement speed, but also it would increase the movement speed by 25%! Meanwhile, the Seven-sided Strike extremely fast attack would make the Witch Doctor can’t hit back.

2.High Critical Hit Chance
As we all know, the damage of Wave of Light is the excellent skill for Monk. The highly explosive and high DPS is amazing! The kinds of skill which recovery spirit can support you release Wave of Light always.

3.Strong Survival skill
The Near death experience absolutely is the most important skill to save life in the emergency for Monk. The 35% maximum life and 35% spirit regenerated how can we refuse it?

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