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Diablo 3 Guide: Diablo 3 Monk Wave of Light Spirit Analysis in Monster Power 10
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide06/10/2013

Path 1.0.7 has established Monk from an unknown to a hero successfully with just a little patch. “Weapon damage increased from 390% to 829%” makes Monk prefer to use Wave of Light to Seven-sided strike. However, a lot of Monk players still can not survive Monster Power 10. They doubt that their life steal stats is not enough. So they bought two weapons with life steal. This still can not solve the problem, they do not know why. This time, we would like to analyze this problem together.


In high Monster Power, you die easily with Wave of Light mostly because that you are short of Spirit. You can not use the Wave of Light as fast as you can. You always have to wait for the spirit regeneration. There are five ways you can do to solve this problem.


1. Mantra of Healing. A lot of players just choose Mantra of Conviction as other players do to increase the damage. Actually, Mantra of healing can not only give you and your allies life regeneration but also the spirit regeneration of 3 per second.

2. Rune Empowered Wave. This rune would reduce your spirit cost of Wave of Light from 75 spirits to 40 spirits.

3. Passive Skill Exalted Soul. This would “Increase maximum Spirit by 100 and increases spirit Regeneration by 1 per second.”

4. Inna Four set. This would increase your spirit regeneration by 0.33 per second as well as gain life per spirit spent.


5. Beacon of Ytar reduces all cooldowns by 20%. This means your spirit regeneration is doubled as well.


Now your maximum Spirit is 250 and 4.33 spirit regeneration. And with the help of Beacon of Ytar, your actual sprit regeneration is 8.66. Wave of Light only cost 40 spirit.


In high Monster Power 10, I would recommend Won Khim Lau. Some players would doubt the low DPS of this weapon. But you should never underestimate the lightning damage of this weapon. You would not have to envy the Wizard of the high AOE damage, Monk could give this effect as well with the combination of Fists of Thunder Electric Wave. You DPS would decrease a little bit. But the efficiency would be much higher. You could go to the auction house to buy a cheap one to have a try. And you would find out the magic lightning damage yourself.


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