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Poll: What’s Your Most Anticipated Change in Patch 1.0.5
tag namePoll10/01/2012

A Diablo 3 crazy has swept over the world this year. Blizzard has brought a game feast to all game fans. And the feast will not come to an end. The new patch 1.0.5 of Diablo 3 is currently available through public test realm for the game. Many new things will be adopted in the new patch and Blizzard will also fix some bugs, which will perfect Diablo 3. So, now let’s take a look at those changes in the new patch. What’s more, as a professional Diablo 3 provider, we would like to launch a voting activity to select your most anticipated change in patch 1.0.5. All we do is to provide better service to you.

The new things and changes in the new patch can be classified into several aspects. We will start with the new system in the patch 1.0.5. Monster Power is adopted in the new patch, which is designed to give gamers more control over the game mode. You can choose to add the health and damage of monsters and gain scaling bonuses accordingly. With this new system, you will have a more exciting game experience. Next we come to the new event: Infernal Machine. Think that Diablo 3 is not difficult enough? Then the Infernal Machine will definitely meet your needs. Only level 60 players can battle “uber” version of some of Sanctuary’s most nefarious bosses. Of course, the great drops of these bosses are the most attractive things for the gamers. Fight for the items gold and the legendary ring. The changes of classes are important for gamers. Many skills have been changed. Defensive bonuses provided by certain class skills have been reduced. For example, the duration of active skill Batle Rage of Barbarian increased from 30s to 120s. Many other changes can be found in other skills. So, it is time for you consider your build again.

What we have talked above is only the small part of the changes. The best way to know more about the new patch is to enjoy the new patch. And if you need Diablo 3 gold to equip your character, you can come to our store. We provide cheap D3 gold with fast delivery speed and safe guarantee. You will enjoy the best service in our store. Now it’s the voting time to select your most anticipated change in the new patch. Your voting will be of great importance. Thank you for reading. Welcome your next visit.

Most anticipated change in patch 1.0.5
  • 1. New system
  • 2. New event
  • 3. The changes about skills
  • 4. Bug fixes
  • 5. New bosses
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