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Poll: Which one is your favorite in Patch 1.0.8 public game mode?
tag namePoll06/07/2013

Since patch 1.0.8 released for a while, more and more players choose to join the public mode to farm gold and upgrade. With the strange players enjoy the challenge adventure is great! No matter the monster density increased and the MF/GF improved either. It will be the fast way to upgrade at present patch. While, the Blizzard separate several parts for us choose. There are Monster Slaying, Brawling and Key Warden three modes you can choose! Among these three choices, which is your favorite one?

1.Monster Slaying

There is no doubt that most of Monster Slaying would choose this mode to upgrade. The adjustments of Patch 1.0.8 increase the EX gain so that motivating the players join the Public Game. This time, Blizzard finally made a great decision which conform to the requirements of players.


As you can see, our site has held the PVP contest in June. In the Public mode that you can choose the Brawling either. Not only you can challenge your friend, but also you can challenge the stranger in the Public. Sound interesting? The blizzard would in according with the level of players to match the contest automatic. If you are interesting in PVP mode that you would have a try! In addition that you can take part in out PVP Contest to get the big prize on June!

3.Key Warden

In the Key Warden are unique bosses who have chance to drop the keys and plan required to activate the Infernal Machine and obtain a Hellfire Ring. As we al know, the high Monster Power level you choose, the chance to get the Key and Plan is high. To farm these crafting materials with the group is the best way to get the Hellfire Ring quickly. In addition, most of players choose to refresh the time record of killing the key monster. In other words, it is another way to increase the funny!


What will be the tendency of Monk in patch 1.0.8?
  • 1.To be Tank Monk support group
  • 2. Still use Wave of Light to maximize the personal DPS
  • 3. Dual-wield Monk increases the output of fist
  • 4. AFK is the finally choice due to the expensive price in AH
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