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Diablo 3 Guide: Barbarian VS Monk at PVP for Salediablo3 Contest
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide06/06/2013

As you know, the hottest member activity in Salediablo3 on June is PVP Contest. We have prepared huge amounts of Diablo 3 Gold as the prize for the participants, welcome to take part in our contest and enjoy the different gaming experience. Today, one of our clients challenge our community manager in the PVP mode. We have kept the contest record and upload to YOUTUBE. If you are interesting on our contest, you may invite your friends come here now! We are sincerely welcome your visiting.


From this video, we can clearly notice the result the Monk is the winner. No matter the life blood or the DPS, Barbarian is lower than the Monk. Then, there is question that how can we win the contest in the PVP? Except the appropriate skill, what kind of equipment should we have? Some of expert players share the useful information for us.



From this video, we can notice that EHP is the most important factor we should take consideration. In the PVP, you should give up the vain DPS panel. How to increase the EHP is the necessary. Especially for the Barbarian!

Skills Choice:

Rend: No matter you are in the PVP or the PVE, in most cases this skill would play an important role in your combat. The rune of Blood Lust is better to fight the Monk.

Ignore Pain: Whatever the professions of your opponent, you should choose this essential skill! As a melee character we need to get close to them to deal our damage, this skill would ensure we cannot simply die from 3 or 4 players hitting us at once.

War Cry: Except to the Ignore Pain, this skill is still a variable, depending on the amount of heal and life gained. No matter the benefits of fury, armor or the all resistance that depends on your opponents!

Inspiring Presence: Necessary skill in PVP which would help you regenerate 2% maximum life per second is the big advantage among all professions.

Superstition: To face Monk, you absolutely should take this skill. Actually, mots of monk output the damage belongs to the element damage. In the meantime, when you are get the damage that you would gain fury. As you know, fury is most important.

Thanks all the shares of our professional player. At the same time, we hope more and more player would take part in our contest and get the Diablo 3 Gold. Also, you can share your viewpoint with us on Salediablo3 FACEBOOK Page. Big surprise waiting for you now!

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