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Poll: The tendency of Monk development in Patch 1.0.8
tag namePoll06/04/2013

Since patch 1.0.8 release, blizzard has increased the experience and MF in the multiplayer mode. At present, to farm legendary items with group is the most efficient method. More and more players invite the expert to play game together in the game forum. The 2-hand Wave of Light Monk is the rapidly growing genre in patch 1.0.7. As for the Monk, Wave of Light is the primary and most useful output skill, which plays the important role in Monks. While, in the group how to ensure your personal output and maximize the benefits of groups is the most important. So, what is the tendency of Monk development in Patch 1.0.8?

1.To be Tank Monk support group. There is no doubt that 1.0.8 is the golden age to make a team to farm and upgrade fast. As a tank monk which plays a part important role in the group. Although the Tank Monk has low DPS, how can a group without the Monk? The voted conclusion in the news of “Poll: Which Profession is your Best Companion?” clearly illustrate that Monk is the popular companion in the group.

2.Still use Wave of Light to maximize the personal DPS. Although the 2-handed Wave of Light monk reduces the efficiency of group farming, we still can take the personal damage at the first consideration. Meanwhile, to collect the monks together then release the Wave of Light would reduce the pressure of other partner.

3.Dual-wield Monk increases the output of fist. With the growth efficiency of farming D3 Gold in new patch, more and more players would choose to experience the other genre. The Dual-wield Monk has reasonable attack speed and the DPS is excellent!

4.AFK is the finally choice due to the expensive price in AH. Facing the crazy price of Monk equipments, I have no choice but to away from this game for a while. As you know, the community manager suggest us have a rest when we are boring about this game. Well, I will miss my companion.

Come here and take part in this discussion! What will be the tendency of Monk in patch 1.0.8? In the meantime, you can share your personal skill build on our FACEBOOK page or invite the player to make team with you!

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