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Diablo 3 Guide: Witch Doctor Firebats Build for Patch 1.0.8
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide06/03/2013

If you are a public gamer, you would find that Witch Doctor players choosing Firebats Build instead of Zombie Bears in Path 1.0.8. There are a few reasons for players to do like this. First, players are always ready to try something new with the enhancement of certain skills and game adjustment. Second, Firebats skill build is efficient in high Monster Power and in team work. Now we would discuss this build with you. Below is the skills and runes for Witch Doctor Firebats Build.

Firebats- Plague Bats: This is the core skill of this build. It works like the Cyclone Strike of Monk. It would call forth a swarm of bats to damage the enemy. This skill would cost as high as 221 Mana at start. Then the problems come. A lot of players would come across the Mana shortage. How to maintain the Mana is of great importance now. You could go to the Auction House to buy off-hand Mojo to increase the maximum Nana and the Mana regeneration. If you have enough Diablo 3 Gold, you could choose the Mojo with high Intelligence, Critical hit chance and a socket.

Spirit Walk- Honored Guest: This rune is a great one to erase the mana shortage. If you think you can handle the Mana and just want to increase the efficiency of the farming, then you could replace Honored Guest with Jaunt to increase the duration of Spirit Walk. Jaunt would be advised to use in the solo farming.

Acid Cloud- Acid Rain: This is a great AOE skill which can clear a path for you in the normal monsters. With the control of a Freezing Wizard, this would help increase the team efficiency a lot.

Soul Harvest- Vengeful Spirit, Horrify- Frightening Aspect, Sacrifice- Provoke the Pack are the three skills to increase your damage over the sheet figure.

The three passive skills are Gruesome Feast, Grave Injustice and Circle of Life. Actually you can replace Blood Ritual for Gruesome Feast to gain life regeneration with man cost. The advantage of this build over the Bear is that there is no limit for you when you come across the walled stats of Monsters.

When you change your skill, you need some time to practice it in low Monster power. Good luck to you!

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