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Poll:Which Profession is your Best Companion?
tag namePoll05/27/2013

Patch 1.0.8 exactly is a great change, the life blood of monster decreased, monster density increased that make the players would like to spend most of time on farming Diablo 3 Gold and Items than before. What’s more, the increased of BUFF in the group which motivate us to make team. As we all know, five heroes have different unique advantages. In the new patch, which profession is your best choice to make team together?


All the time, Wizard is the core in the group. As you see, the wizard not only has the controlling skill but also has the high DPS. In addition, the Ice Armor can provide the protection to other players. The Monk can match Ice Wizard to freeze the monster together. As for the small monsters which like to run away, Ice Wizard would save more time and increase the upgrading efficiency.

In the Patch 1.0.8, Monk becomes the Tank which takes charge of releasing Mantra of Conviction, Serenity and Cyclone Strike to increase the DPS for your group. Although Tank Monk give up damage and dedicate to serving for the team, you have to say the contribution of Monk is the largest in improving the efficiency to upgrading and farming.

The Barbarian is always the dominant force in your group. The Hammer of the Ancients high DPS is the edge tool to deal with the Elites monster. As long as you encounter the hardest and complicated elites that can absorb enough fury. The Wrath of the Berserker is a crazy man who can clear up all monsters fast and easy!

4.Witch Doctor
The adjustment of Firebats in 1.0.8 make the Witch Doctor becomes more and more popular. The crazy Firebats Skill Build overwhelming the record of Barbarians. Under the good environment of Ice Wizard provide, the WD has no doubt is the powerful destruction secret weapon!

5.Demon Hunter
The increase of Rapid Fire Skill Build make DH can create huge AOE damage within limited time. How could you refuse the high DPS output character? Although the Rapid Fire released would result in the hatred insufficient. But DH still can depend on the Smoke Screen to decrease the times of being interrupt.


Among these five professions, which profession would be your ideal choice to make team together? Come here and take part in this discussion.

What would be you most impressed Diablo 3 experience in the past year
  • 1.The moment arrived at 60 level
  • 2.Completed all ACT alone
  • 3.First experience in Hardcore
  • 4.The paragon level released
  • 5.The first Legendary items
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