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Diablo 3 Guide:Tips for Tank Monk Equip in Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide05/26/2013

With the released of Patch 1.0.8, the new Monk operation is coming now. The Tank Monk give up the high damage and transfer to the assistance character. The core of the Tank Monk is the strong vitality to resist the monsters. Only in this way, you can track the monsters and create the advantage for your teammate to output damage. Therefore, how does Monk to bear all damage as well as ensure the life blood, the equipment is the first requirement


1. Life on hit
Due to the Tank Monk has give up the DPS, there is no need to considerate the life steal and life after kill. The life on hit is the necessary choice for Monk! Because choose the life on hit that decide the attack pattern of Monk. At present, you shouldn’t take consider the high DPS, but to pay more attention on the AOE. So, you should choose the Crippling Wave + Tsunami and Sweeping Wind + Fire Storm.

2. Spirit regeneration
It isn't the main method to recovery the life blood, but when you consume the spirit it would help add life blood all the time. However, it is another wonderful safeguard. In addition, if the blood ball at the bottom, you can hurry up to use the Mantra of Retribution and other skills. The life blood would recovery instantly!

3. Vitality
Due to the intelligence and other attributes which would increase your DPS have not useful, the vitality is the only choice to increase the EHP. The vitality reflects from the crafting items. Except the vitality, there is necessary a item has the all resistance or single resistance. Both of all is better. Of course, beside the vitality we should take consideration of resistance to reduce damage. If there is armor would better!

4. All Resistance
With the support of One with everything, the resistance of Monk can arrive at high value. A maximum all resistance and single resistance is 140 for a great armor! At least it should arrive at 130 is the standard. The bracers, armor and shoulders we can craft by Blacksmith. Good Luck!

5. Elites damage reduce
The normal monster hasn't threat at all, the damage comes form Elites can threat the life safety. To ensure the all resistance and armor, we shouldn't ignore the close elites damage reduced. The four sets of Blackthorne's can provide sufficient vitality as well as reduce damage from elites by 25%

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