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Poll:The most impressed Diablo 3 experience in the past year
tag namePoll05/24/2013

For a gamer of Diablo 3, you may have experienced a lot during this year. No matter on the aspect of characters you play in the game, the strategies you adopted for upgrading, new friends you met in diablo3, or the personal feelings formed during the process, all of these experience would bring you different understandings or impressions towards this game. The first year has been past, there must be something or some scenes make you unforgettable or remain fresh in your mind.

As far as I’m concerned, what makes me unforgettable is the scale of the game itself. To be honest, I’m not a crazy fan of games, but I admit that I would like to play some games to kill my spare time. In the very beginning, we noticed a piece of news about diablo3, a serial of numbers caught my eyes. The news was about that Diablo 3 was launched in over 10 languages and 30 countries around the world. This is really awesome news for me as I’ve never heard news covered such a wide space. Due to these numbers plus my curiosity, I started to know this game steadily by reading the background information or join into the forum. Until now, I can still remember clearly that this is my first motivation to know this game.

I started to play this game soon. However, unlike many players, as I have mentioned before, I’m not a crazy fan of it, so I did not spend too much time on it. I’m a player of interested in so many new things. Hence, I look forward each new patch eagerly and sincerely. The developer of Diablo 3 did not let me down, during this one year, more than 15 patched were created. As for me, there’s one content brought me the deepest impression. That is the Hardcore Mode created in the 14th patch. I think the Hardcore Mode in this game must be a classic creation. May players have complex feelings towards it, some people love it, some would fear it, and some would ignore it. When it comes to me, I would like to say that I was awed by this new creation. I’m a gamer without full ambition or encourage, I know deeply the death of my role means a lot for me. Because of my skill and my effort, I prefer playing the Normal Mode instead of Hardcore Mode until now. But I admire those players who choose this mode to continue fighting in the game and I also dreamed that I can play it one day.

This is my personal memory which roots deepest in my mind about diablo3 in the first year. How about you? Come to tell me what gave you deep impression when you fight with your friends in Diablo3 this year?


Which improvement impressed you most?
  • 1.Paragon level in patch 1.04
  • 2.Infernal machine and monster power in patch 1.05
  • 3.Multiplayer improvement in patch 1.0.8
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