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Diablo 3 Guide:Traditional Barbarian Double Whirlwind Skill Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide05/22/2013

As you can see, this Skill Build is the popular for Barbarians during this patch. The double Whirlwind makes the Barbarians become the strongest hero in the Diablo III. I supposed that most of players should experience the Barbarians after the patch 1.0.4. Today, we are glad to share the skill build and Diablo 3 Items recommendations comes from expert players for you.


Bash + Instigation: The reason why should we choose this skill is obviously, the 165% weapon damage for the Barbarian who own excellent weapon is wonderful and amazing! In addition, the rune of Instigation can ensure the supply of Fury.


Whirlwind + Hurricane: This is the traditional choice for the Barbarians. How can a Barbarian without the double Whirlwind which is the best way to improve the efficiency of farming Diablo 3 gold and items. Meanwhile, upgrading fast needs this skill.


Rend + Blood Lust: As for my personal experience, this is the necessary skill for Barbarians in high Monster Power. The 700% weapon damage and rune would convert 9% damage done by Rend to life. Compared with the weapon attribute of life steal, this skill is preferable.


Boon of Bul-Kathos: This passive skill is less to be chosen by players. While, the cooldown reduced by 30 seconds for Wrath of the Berserker Skill is amazing. As you see, the key point of this skill build is the Wrath of the Berserker which can ensure the efficiency of farming and upgrading in the new patch 1.0.8!


Why should we talk about this weapon? As you see, this rare axe is crafted by Blacksmith. What is the most important attributes for the weapon? First, life steal or life on hit. Second, have sockets. Thirdly, high critical hit damage increased. This axe not only has the most important three attributes, but also has the 8% attack speed. In addition, the wonderful 1048.4 DPS has strong attraction for us. I think this weapon will encourage you to earn more Demonic Essence to craft excellent weapon!

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