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Poll:Which improvement impressed you most?
tag namePoll05/21/2013

Diablo3 has entered into the gaming market for nearly one year. More than 15 patches were made in order to make this game become more popular and perfect during this year. The range of modifications is very wide, including from the game composition, level setting, equipments for upgrading to the structure of the team. As a fan of diablo3, which improvement impressed you most among those typical changes?

Paragon level in patch 1.04

Paragon level, which was called the turning point of diablo3 in patch 1.04, used by heroes reached level 60 as it brought experienced gamers more passion and hope in the following process. The paragon level is divided into ten steps and every ten levels are regarded as a step. Players would be rewarded a permanent bonus to Gold Find and Magic Find for each level as well as different abilities would be gained such as strength, dexterity, intelligence and vitality. This new change has brought great pleasure for gamers whose level came into 60. Therefore, reaching to the top level-100 level has been a goal for many players. It brings gamers strong sense of conquest and success. 

Infernal machine and monster power in patch 1.05

If we regard the Paragon Level as the final goal of this game, Infernal Machine would be the tough process we have to experience. Infernal machine, created in patch 1.05 and prepared for level 60 gamers, was used by players to battle “uber” visions of some of the most malevolent mischief-makers this side of NEW Tristram. A huge amount of effort and gold are needed in the process of making it. Monster power, another a new creation in patch 1.0.5, was available for each gamer starting level 1. it is a system designed for players to experience different difficulties. This new alteration may bring more choices and diversity for gamers. 

Multiplayer improvement in patch 1.0.8

If you are a gamer who is favor of playing with friends, multiplayer improvement would be your perfect stage to cooperate with other people. This new action meant for killing two birds with one stone for those who like team work. In order to add the sense of entertainment, the developer added this system. A special bonus was also created that +10% Magic Find, Gold Find, and Experience for additional gamer in the party. Both time and effort would be saved a lot once players cooperate as a team.

To sum up, there are a lot of meaningful modifications in this year. But those three previous aspects made me deep impression no matter on the matter of the content or formal. How about you?

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