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Poll: The Third Diablo 3 Monk Passive Skill
tag namePoll09/28/2012

Monk, as a defensive melee attack, is a good teammate in the guild. But the skill build is not flexible compared with Barbarian. In the three Monk Passive skills, two are definitely One with Everything regarding the highest elemental resistance and Seize the Initiative increasing the Armor figure by your dexterity. But how about your third passive skills? Which one do you choose as the third Diablo 3 Monk Passive Skill?



Near Death Experience: This skill can give you another chance when you encounter a fatal damage. Especial in the Inferno Mode Act 3, the crowd of Grotesques Champions can make you unprepared. As the Grotesques monsters and the Fire-Chain monsters are the two headaches for the Monk. If the Diablo 3 Gold you farm in the Act 3 can barely afford the fix feed, you need this skill to enhance the vitality in the mode.


Exalted Soul: A lot of players who are fresh to the inferno as monk generally bring this skill as the third Monk passive skill. It is true that this will increase your Spirit globe by 100 and reach 250. But if you can survive easily and get continuous Spirit in the battle, there is no need to get the extra Spirit. 150 Spirits are really enough for you to survive in the Inferno Act III.


Beacon of Ytar: If you have chosen the active skill Seven-Sided Strike, then the Beacon of Ytar is necessary for you as this passive skill can reduce the cooldowns. The CD time of the Strike is a little long especially when you are in front of a pack of Elites. This skill is the finisher skill to give you the upper hand in the battle.



Fleet Footed: You can see the effects from this picture. And the movement speed increase can make your Diablo 3 Power Leveling speed increase a lot. The map can be completed faster when the monster are sparse and easy. This one is to increase your task complete efficiency.


Take the poll and choose your third passive skill. Let’s wait together how the poll results coming out.

  • 1. Near Death Experience
  • 2. Exalted Soul
  • 3. Beacon of Ytar
  • 4. Fleet Footed
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