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Diablo 3 Guide:Weapon Recommendations for Barbarian in Hardcore
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide05/18/2013

The reason why we play Diablo 3 Hardcore is experiencing the real adventure in the challenge mode. At present, most of players choose a team to challenge in the high difficulty mode. As for the man who really enjoy adventuring, we absolutely recommend you farming alone. Just like the real Barbarian to face the numerous enemies! Today, we would like to recommend two weapons for Barbarian in Hardcore Mode. Hope the tips would help you powerful in the game.

Actually, according to the skill build you should clearly know the attributes of the weapon you need. Of course, what kind of weapon you can arm depends on your economic situation and the ability of searching in AH. As for the equipment, vitality, all resistance, attract speed, critical hit chance and critical hit damage are most important! last but not least, the life steal can save your life in the emergency. In addition, your dexterity better above 500! The economic of Hardcore Auction House are different from the Normal Mode. But you still need sufficient Diablo 3 Gold that you can get excellent weapon easily. Next, we would recommend Barbarian two economical weapons as follow:



The Advantage of SEVER: the attribute of Increasing Damage Against Elites is wonderful for you farming Act3. The Slain enemies rest in piece can create a big damage number when the monsters were killed. And your life steal would count this damage. In other words, each monster was killed that you can recover full of life blood. What’s more, the price of sever isn’t high. 1200w- 1600w Diablo 3 gold you can get it!


The price of this Axe which has 1064.8 DPS, 190 strength and socket is whopping price! Except that, the axes are cheap and cost-effective. The most attractive attributes is the 538 life on hit. In the Hardcore, the most important method to keep life blood is Each Hit Adds Life. As long as you have high armor, that can make sure you alive in the Hardcore Mode. In the early stage, you can buy the axe which has high DPS and dexterity. To use less money farming more D3 Gold now!

What is your ultimate goal in Diablo III?
  • 1.Reaching Paragon level 100 with all five character classes
  • 2.Collecting All Excellent Legendary Items for Five Character Classes
  • 3.Renew the Record of farming Uber at MP10
  • 4.Just enjoy the furious combat and relax myself with my friends
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