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Poll:What is your ultimate goal in Diablo 3?
tag namePoll05/15/2013

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. Different players have different playing style in Diablo III. Some players pursue what they can achieve the maximum efficiency and output; some players are eager to explore the exciting moment in the Hardcore; some players are fond to experience different professions and enjoy the unique pleasure adventure. Meanwhile, some players prepare to set the 100 paragon level as the ultimate goal. What is your ultimate goal in Diablo III?

1. Reaching Paragon level 100 with all five character classes

The Sanctuary, most of players have already exceeded the achievement. They are not only up to the 100 paragon level on one character, but also they aim to upgrade five professions arrived at the top level. Of course, if you can upgrade five professions to 100 paragon level is an excellent achievement! Will you have a try?


2. Collecting All Excellent Legendary Items for Five Character Classes

In Diablo III, the most attractive factor is the powerful legendary items. As we all know, if you want to increase the efficiency of upgrading that armed with wonderful items is the necessary. Meanwhile, the attributes of your weapon match with your skills build would create outstanding effect! So, the price of excellent items is crazy and dreadful. If we can own all the legendary set in the inventory that would be amazing!


3. Renew the Record of farming Uber at MP10

As we all know, there is a group shares the latest record of finishing Uber with 1 minute 20 seconds which made by EU players. One Wizard, Monk and Two Barbarians make up the team. If you are concentrate on the data, that you should try your best to beyond the great team. Of course, you can choose to make a profession team or solo. That depends on yourself!


4. Just enjoy the furious combat and relax myself with my friends

The reason why should we play the game all the time is relaxing. As the loyal of Diablo II, we are waiting for Diablo III a long time. As a casual player, to play with friends online is my daily life. Of course, we would cost money to buy cheap Diablo 3 gold online just for enhancing the power of my hero.


Which is your first career achieved the Paragon 100?
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