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Diablo 3 Guide:The Best Diablo 3 Gold Farming Route in ACTI
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide05/14/2013

In order to arouse the enthusiasm of players in ACTI and ACT II, the developer of Diablo III increases the density of monsters on the basis of the original. After the 1.0.8 patch release, there are lots of players back to the world again. As for my personal view, the adjustment of monster density is overdone. While, the most important thing for me still is farming D3 Items and upgrading paragon level.

After the several tests, I have noticed that Monsters density in ACTI is more concentrated and the map is easy to farm. Next, I would recommend you a efficiency and easy Diablo 3 Gold and items farming route.

First, you should teleport to xxx. According to the red arrows direction you can finish this map. The red and yellow circle means there would appear task or the elites. Actually, the monster density in there is normally. While, we mainly through this map to increase the Buff.



When you finished this map, you should teleport to the Misery Field. After the Purple monsters appeared in this map, it absolutely is the necessary farming place for you. I believed that you would love the new Monster density and purple monster, as well as there is a big Khazra Shaman waiting for you.


When you arrived at Misery Field, you should follow this route and there isn’t need to finish this map just directly brush into the Abandoned Servant.


There are lots of Skeleton gathering in the Abandoned Servant, we just need to follow “Z” word lines run the whole map, and then directly back to start the next round of brushing.
Compared with the previously farming ACT3, the value of this route far away from the before and it is very ease and relaxing. For my personally experience, the monster density in this route beyond my imagination. I supposed that we can upgrade fast and easy now!

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