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Poll: What is your first career achieved the Paragon 100?
tag namePoll05/12/2013

In Diablo 3, there are five careers can be chose for every gamer. For different gamers, they may have different favors. But do you know each career clearly? Do you think it's quite OK for you to choose any career in the game? Or have you ever imagined what kind of career could make you achieve the top paragon level as fast as possible? Today, let's share your story of your career when you come into the first tope level, 100 level.

My first hero was Wizard.I was a fan of wizard since from Diablo 2.I lie the feeling when the demon was attackted by magiaca and I also like staff.


Every career in this game is very exquisite. You have to form a clear comprehensive knowing about all the five careers in this game since you want to upgrade in the game as soon as possible. There are five kinds of career can be chose. They are Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, Barbarian and Witch doctor.  Every career has its own exclusive skills. And they are totally different from each one. Hence, the mystery and the delicacy of this game would be saved exactly.


Demon Hunter, which is the most fierce career among those five. Revenge is the only belief in his mind. No body can be escaped from his hand as long as he decides to root out. He is good at team work. And every time, the strong monster from afar will be killed by his accurate speed in a second. It’s suitable enough to use “fast, cruel and accurate” to describe his career features exactly.


Barbarian, which owns simple and distinctive skill, is good at roaring. And aggression is another feature of him. He could attack enmies by doing this. Moreover, he also carries some secondary abilities, such as leap. He is the synthesis of soaring, leaping and fighting.


Witch doctor, it’s not difficult to infer that this is a career full of magic. He can implement some curse on anybody else and call up the dead body. He can also use Mana to recover his power. Conquering the enemies by sitting quiet and stable to torture them to death is the main feature for this career.


Monk, which is full of fighting will, is the most sacred career in the game. Pure will power is the source of his power. High mobility and endurance are the key for them to win in the close combat. They have their strong belief. And they polish their body and soul by using this. Fighting hand to hand is their adept attacking way. Infinite spirit is the most valuable feature of him.


Wizard, it is not a character with such distinctive features like any other careers. He is no as cruel as DH, not as smart as Barbarian. And he is also worse than the Wizard on the aspect of witchcraft. He is a character without any specifics. He often conjures by using his own body and he would often keep distance with dangers, which leads to the result that he is god at attacking in long-distance. From this, we can make a conclusion easily that a soft method is adopted by Wizard in order to leave war. And some soft attacking ways will be used, such as by using ray, time and imagination to start the war though the slaughter is not something that can be avoided.


From the five careers above, it is very easy for us to see their identical features and traits. However, as a fan of Diablo III, which kind of career makes you fondle admiringly? Which kind of feature of those careers attracts you most? Come to share with us your career when you arrive at Paragon 100.

Which change is your favorite one in 1.0.8 patch?
  • 1. Monster Density Increase
  • 2. Identify All Function
  • 3. Public Game Match
  • 4. Strength in Numbers
  • 5. Collective Crafting Available
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