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Diablo 3 Guide:Demon Hunter Infinite Rapid Fire in 1.0.8 Patch
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide05/10/2013

Since Patch 1.0.8 release, according to the Patch note blog that we noticed the Demon Hunter skills of Rapid fire and runes has enhanced. Basically, the DPS are several doubles. Because of this powerful skill, Demon Hunter absolutely is worthy of being the King of destruction in the new patch. Recently, most of players share the new record of killing kinds of boss by Rapid Fire in forum. Meanwhile, I have tested it either through the collocation of Diablo 3 Items and DH Skill Build. The infinite Rapid Fire is possible now!



If you want to keep the ultimate Rapid Fire, you should keep the speed of recover harted can follow your requirements. Therefore, the Bat Companion is the necessary, next is the Preparation + Punishment which through consume your discipline to replenish your harted. Then, you can depend on the Vengeance to increase the maximum hatred. Of course, if your distance of picking up life battle is great, you still can rely on the life ball to supply your discipline and harted. Last but not least, due to the attack times of Rapid Fire frequently, through the critical hit to recover the discipline is good for you to escape or defend in the emergency. Secondly, you can improve the recovery speed of harted by weapon, and quiver. Basically, the speed of recovering harted can be 9 per second. At this time, to match with Preparation and Punishment absolutely can accomplish the effect of ultimate Rapid of Fire.

While, there is a factor you should take consideration that Rapid Fire would be interrupted. So, I have prepared the reserve skills that Bola Shot and Spike Trap which are excellent skills would support you when you couldn't use the Rapid Fire.

In the end, the key point of patch 1.0.8 is the grouping with your friends. Yet Rapid Fire in your group would take big advantage, such as you can keep continuously output and your partner draw monster away.

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