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Poll:Top Five Changes in Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8
tag namePoll05/08/2013

It is really a good news for Diablo 3 fans. Patch 1.0.8 finally come to be alive. I can not wait to log in to the game as soon as the game is available. This patch is destined to bring a lot of players back as it is the first patch according to the Developer Journal. You can see a lot of functions come out by players like Identify all, battle engage and so on. And we have pick up the top five popular changes in patch 1.0.8.Which one is your favorite?


Top one: Monster Density Increase. As usual, I first come to the Festering Woods and go to the Warrior’s Rest where you would generally come across three packs of Elites. But this time, I found six packs. Not far away, and you would find a pack of Elites easily. It is quick to stack up five stash of Nephalem Valor.


Top two: Identify All Function. You can find Book of Cain in every act near the stash. This would save you a lot of time to identify all the Diablo 3 Items one by one. Actually there is a special mark on the map. You will not miss it.


Top three: Public Game Match. There are four additional options for you now. You can first choose the difficulty and then the Monster Power. Monster Slaying, Brawling and Key Warden are for you to choose. This is a great opportunity for you to increase your Diablo 3 Power Leveling speed. In the public game, you would get more XP bonus than before.


Top four: Strength in Numbers. No matter if you are in a public game or in a team, you would “Receive Increased Magic Find, Gold Find and Experience for each additional player in a multiplayer game”. You would find a lot of rare items. But when you identify all, you would not find much useful for your heroes. 


Top five: Collective Crafting Available. You do not have to combine the gem, or craft the Amulet one by one. As long as you have enough Diablo 3 Gold, Demonic Essence, you could craft them all at one time. When there is not enough room in your stash, they would drop at the floor.

Of course, there are other popular change as well like the Battle Engage, search of players nearby. These all add the fun of D3. The friends on the list come to be online one by one now. Welcome back to Diablo 3.

  • 1. Clumpy Density with Larger Monster Groups
  • 2. Scattered Density with Increased Overall
  • 3. Just the way in Patch 1.0.7
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