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Diablo 3 Guide: Tips of equipping Monk in Auction House Easy
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide05/07/2013

Recently, more and more players enjoy share the experience of purchasing Diablo 3 items in Auction House. As for me, who has been away form Diablo III for a long time until the 1.0.7 release, the goal is spending the lesat D3 Gold as far as possible to improve the panel DPS up to 20w. Before the 1.08 patch coming, I finally completed my goal. Now, I’m glad to share the tips of equipping Monk in Auction House Easy.

Ring: The Dual wield Monk should arm with the ring which has high critical hit chance and considerable dexterity. As long as you can ensure the standard of 4.5% critical hit chance and 90 dexterity that you can consider the attributes of critical hit damage and attack speed. Of course, you should according to your skill build to choose the ideal items.

Boots: In the current patch, most of farming time we should spend in Ancestors Tomb. So, we can abandon the movement speed and focus on the dexterity and vitality. The high cost-effective boots should have 220 dexterity, 100 vitality and 60 all resistance.

Pants: As we all know, the pants is the most important factor to provide the vitality. The Inna’s Glory would be ideal choice which provides the movement speed increased and dexterity. All in all, in the case of ensure the 100 dexterity, the vitality higher is better!

Helm: For the player who has limited Diablo 3 Gold, the best choice is Inna’s Splendor. Of course, you should choose the helm has 6% critical hit chance increased, 140 vitality and 180 dexterity. The highly cost effective should meet each customer’s unique demand.

Wrists: Because we arm with 2 weapons, I give up the attribute of life steal and vitality. As far as I know, a cost-effective wrist should have 9% critical hit chance and above 45% critical hit damage.

Weapon: There is no doubt that popular Echoing Fury would be the best choice for the Monk which has high critical hit damage and life steal guarantee. Another choice is the Fist Weapon, the DPS caused by high dexterity and 95% critical hit damage would be wonderful!


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