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Diablo III: Congratulations to Follower Story Contest Winners
tag nameDiablo III05/06/2013

This is the day we announce the winners of Follower Story Contest Winners. Congratulations to Maicol Bond and Dino Clifford! Maicol Bond would win the lucky prize for the participation of 100 member points (5,000,000 normal mode Diablo 3 Gold). Dino Clifford would win the first prize of 1,000 member points (50,000,000 normal mode D3 Gold).


And we would share the first prize story with you from Dino Clifford.


Hello my name is Lyndon and this is one of many stories I have compiled on my journey with the traveling wizard. When we first met, his request was simple.   "I need you to cover me while I wreak devastation in the keep."

the first meet with lyndon


His goals were equally simple. “I aim to acquire the most legendary items in all the land". I then thought to myself "how can I help you in such a feat when I only have this dust satchel and a common crossbow?" 


That's when I saw in his eyes that this was no spur of the moment decision but more a meticulously thought out scheme which I was more and more beginning to realize could make both of us very rich. 


That was the moment he bestowed in front of me such gear I had never seen before.  A bow infused with the harsh element of wind that would cut like razors. And on top of everything it had great magic ability to throw crowds of demons far from us so that we could line them up in our sites just to repeat again.  Where did this traveler find such loot? I wasn't sure but my confidence in this plan actually working, was rising.  Then he handed me a small shiny amulet.  Usually I was not fond of such jewelry but this too was no ordinary amulet.   This majestic piece would actually grant me the ability to freeze these opposing demons in there tracks.      


This final gift almost made me feel invincible.  But then I realized the true amplitude of the task he was constipating and couldn't help but lower my head and softly ask. "Even with these heavenly items, how will Lyndon the scoundrel and a meager traveling wizard stand against the armies of hell".  And that was the moment I finally looked up and caught a glimpse of the sneakiness little grin I've ever seen as he softly let one crisp word escape his mouth "ARCHON".
diablo 3 legendary items

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