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Diablo 3 Guide: The Honorable Follower Scoundrel Lyndon Episode Two
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide04/27/2013

This is the episode two of The Honorable Follower Scoundrel Lyndon.


"Ha ha ha ha, it does not matter, my lovers are countless."


That’s what Lyndon said to me at the moment. But Lyndon, I believe you were not like this indulgent at that time, let alone countless lovers. Lyndon, I see sadness in your eyes...


 Then Lyndon's brother joined the King Harbor Guard, and he went to the Rogues Guild. In the two seemingly irreconcilable forces, the brothers had their way to make money. Lyndon provided his brother the intelligence of Rogues Guild, and his brother went there with the task, until the day his brother came too early...


 His brother was accused of collusion with Rogues Guild and be arrested to jail, while Lyndon escaped... Ironically, people always prefer to believe the bad side of things, and believe that Lyndon traped his brother deliberately. The reason is very simple, just a woman ... also the woman, the wife of his brother, his love... His sister-in-law hates him like poison from then on. Lyndon chose to stay in the Rogues Guild, because his sister-in-law lost her source of income from husband. He become a real rogue and gave all of his income to his sister-in-law, but she did not thank him, she thought it was Lyndon’s atonement for his crime...

This is the second half of Lyndon's story, which I forced Lyndon to speak out. Now I know why Lyndon dressed poorly, and where the Diablo 3 Gold had gone followed me. At Drizzt’s Farm, the anxiety in his eyes was not simulate... He is an affectionate and faithful man.


Lyndon earn more gold following me, which is enough for him to bribe King Kong Governor to bail his brother, but he did not leave. Kou Mark used to whisper to me, why a rewarding rogue continued following us? I am also very curious about it. We may fight with the Lord of the Hell which is extremely dangerous in the near future!

In this way, Lyndon continued the journey by following me as before. He would not leave until the heaven. After defeated the root of all evil, a mortal only for the money still have the courage to face Diablo who has the ability to destroy the High Heaven. A seemingly uninhibited rogue did things that may make the angels feel shamed. Justice and glory is not like what Kou Mark said, you told me many things, Lyndon...

At the end of all, we stand above the Holy Light. I found Lyndon, and give him all the D3 gold I earn this way to him.


 I said to him, “Lyndon, I have brought a gift to you. I know that you have enough money, but these gold is enough for you to pay off the debt, and have a carefree life with your brother”.

 “It’s so kind of you to treat me like this”.

“Is it? Are you ok?” I saw tears in the corner of his eyes. But he said, "Heaven rains." “Lyndon, heaven never rains.” “Now it will…”


Will it? If it’s true, Lyndon, go and find a place where no one hiding to shelter from it...

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