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Diablo 3 Guide: D3 Items and Skill builds for Monk
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide09/26/2012

Monk is not among the top 20 players who complete the Paragon Level 100. This does not prove that Monk is weak. Monk is not like Barbarian who relies on the critical hit damage and gets Diablo 3 Power Leveling fast. This time we would like to share the build for Diablo 3 Monk to clear Inferno Act 3.


Let’s take a look of the weapon recommendation.




Attack speed means a lot to the Monk. The 1.41 attacks per second in one hand means you will have more spirit generating. With the skill Fists of Thunder, you should not worry about the shortage of spirit anymore. The highlight of this weapon is that the +167 Dexterity. This is the main stat of the Monk. Without doubts this can increase your DPS. And the Hit on Life would increase the Diablo 3 Gold for this weapon for nearly 5 times. What’s more the socket where you could place the critical hit damage 100% gems is the treasure. Now come to our store and enjoy what we offer.


Now I would give a detailed analysis of the important skills.


Seven-Sided Strike with the rune Sustained Attack to reduce the CD time. This skill is not used to attack but as defensive. This bears the same effect of the passive skill Beaconof Ytar to reduce CD by 15%. As the damage skill is limited, we need to shorten the CD to increase the skill availability chance.

Breath of Heaven with the Rune Blazing Wrath to increase the damage. This is really crucial as this can increase the Monster slain speed. Ascension of Serenity only increases the effect 1 second. But sometimes just one second can mean the difference between death or victory. 


Mantra of Conviction should always be on as it would increase the damage for over 3 minutes. With the Rune Overawe, you can have more power in hand. And the speed to get fast Diablo 3 Power Leveling is the gift of this rune. If your DPS is 50K, then the enemy in the first 3 seconds would 24K. This is really a lot of accumulation. With the dps enchance, you would have more chance to get great D3 Items in the dungeon clear.



For more information, please keep a close eye on our site. The best is coming.

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