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Diablo 3 Guide: Patch 1.0.9 Blog Created By Players
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide04/25/2013

There was a blog article of Patch 1.09 published by a Diablo 3 player not long ago. Although it's not the real article of 1.09 but the writing is very nice. If Diablo 3 can make similar changes, I think it would make this game more interesting.

A few points in the article are very interesting, one of which is the change of Decompose System. When you get poor legendary items from the battle it would decompose Brimstone directly, but the use of Brimstone in fact is not very attractive, and will be decomposed absolutely. This new system has the chance to create Brimstones of 6 different attributes in the decomposition of legendary items (as the pic), and different Brimstones can attach different effects to weapons when forging. That may save you some Diablo 3 gold. Is it fun in your opinion?


We need some freshness when playing the game. There will be a new Dungeons System in Patch 1.0.9. Maps are with great randomness, rather than the few acts for players to run back and forth. There may be a lot of weird maps and players would talk about a map that they met is too difficult to surpass.

diablo 3 dungeons


Either now or in the future, getting nice legendary items will always make others envy. In the Patch 1.09 you’ll have a lot of chances like this, especially in multiplayer. The light when you make legendary Diablo 3 items drops can be seen by your teammates, but they can not pick up. Really like this idea!

diablo 3 items beaming light


In fact, there are many areas for improvement of this Patch Note. The improvements of Diablo 3 like this are from players, and the update speed of game patch is slower than a snail, so what are the game developers doing? How would they feel when they know this?

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