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Poll: What is Your D3 Uber Bosses Record
tag namePoll04/23/2013

Diablo 3 Inferno Machine comes to our attention again because of the world record of beating the Uber Bosses. Hellfire ring is not the ultimate goal but the world record. A lot of players team up to smash their record. Have you tried to test your Uber Boss Record? Can you kill the three pairs of bosses within one minute and 38 seconds?


Within One minute 20 seconds: This is the new record made by the EU players. One CM Wizard, one Monk and Two Barbarians make up the team. The CM Wizard takes responsibility to freeze the bosses together. And the Barbarian and Monk give out their damage quickly. We all know that this would be the best team in the Diablo 3 world. Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor is not so efficient in the melee battles compared with the Monk and Barbarian. If you are interested, we have Barbarian Solo Inferno Machine in 8 Monster Power Guide in our news as well.


Within one minute 38 seconds: This record was set 2013/04/12 in EU players as well. The Monk and Barbarian all have over 300,000 DPS. The monk use the Exploding Palm instead of the Wave of Light. Palm only cost half the spirit compared with Wave of Light while doing the same damage.


More than 3 minutes: I think most players belong to this category. For one thing, we do not have so many awesome teammates. This is a teamwork instead of one personal record. For the other, it would cost us a lot of Diablo 3 Gold to stash up so high DPS. The gems in the socket would cost us a fortune. Let alone the other Diablo3 Items. But to smash the record we build ourselves would be so much of fun.


Which category do you belong for your Diablo 3 Uber Bosses Record? This would be another incentive to make players plunge into the battle again.

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