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Diablo 3 Guide: The Honorable Follower Scoundrel Lyndon
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide04/22/2013

In the early days I got into the game, at the Drizzles wilderness, I met a man whose clothes are worn-out turned to me for help when passed a hill. At first I thought he was just a farmer. He took me to a farm and we killed several occupy rogues together. The first impression of Lyndon is not very good, because the smile and expression on his face is like staring at you all the time, that makes you feel not comfortable.

diablo 3 follower scoundrel linden


After this, Lyndon joined me to the pursuit of "wealth". He often said that he is only interested in gold and women, because of which Leah subjected to harassment usually and Kou Mark not get along well with him. I can often hear Lyndon speak ill of them. So I never go on adventures with Lyndon, but just let him stay to guard the camp. I think a strong Templar and a mana high strength Witch are enough. I look down on people who look for treasure from anywhere, until the following thing happened.


Witch Elena fell into a coma because too much mana cost. I have to let Kou Mark stay in the camp to take care of her instead of Lyndon. Who knows what he would do to comatose Elena! So my first teamwork with Lyndon began. The first place of our adventure is the northern highlands. His dexterity to my great surprise, besides, his archery is very nice, almost be a crack shot. He seemed to be very excited and kept talking about treasure all the way. I endured his chatter because of his excellent archery. But what really made me change is the battle eradication of the True God. I was in the ambush of the enemy, so I told him run away quickly to seek help. He did not do what I said but rushed into the encirclement fought fighting with me until all the enemies are repulsed. Although we were scarred, my cognition on Lyndon has changed. A man who chases Diablo 3 gold and wealth proved everything with his actions. Since then, I often took Lyndon to adventure together, though his character is the same as before, we talked more.

He told me that he lived in King Harbor, which is a chaotic city. Rogues, smugglers, prostitutes and killers are brought together. The city is also the location of the Rogues Guild. I asked if he want to leave that place, but he said no. He just wants to be an honorable rogue, the master of the Rogues Guild! In fact, I know that Lyndon does not get out of there perhaps because his brother and the woman he loves, who is his true love. However, like all love tragedy, his sweetheart married his brother finally...


You can find Diablo 3 Goblin Story in our news part as well. This follower scoundrel story is to be continued in the next day. Keep tuned!

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