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Poll: Which Change is Needed Most in Patch 1.0.8
tag namePoll04/18/2013

The beta test for Patch 1.0.8 has been on for a long time. There are numerous changes in the official site like Demon Hunter and Wizard skills upgrade, the skeleton bug fixes. Which change do you think is needed most in Patch 1.0.8?


Itemization Issue: The developer journal has stated that the legendary and rare items would be enhanced greatly. It would not make you always sign when you identify a legendary items. But there is no update of any change in the itemization. What players expect most is always come latest.


Class Strengthen: 1.0.5 has made Barbarian the king. Patch 1.0.6 has upgraded the Monk skills a lot. This time, Demon Hunter and Wizard skills has gone through a huge change as well, especially the Demon Hunter skill “Rapid Fire” rune “Fire Support” “Weapon damage of Homing Rockets increased from 35% to 145%”. This resemble a lot like the change of the Monk skill Wave of light. That change make the Wave of Light Build popular again. I guess this skill rune change would give birth to a new wave of new skill build.


Bug Fixes: Actually, there is an interesting bug fixes I would like to share with you “Male barbarians no longer run faster than the other heroes while feared.” . I guess, we do not find the game worth to continue because of several bug fixes. But sometimes, when we found the bug we do not notice is indeed interesting.


New Element like Inferno Machine: Players are always interested in the new element added. But Paragon Level is just a game of numbers. What we need most is the new content, new goal to farm. Hellfire ring is our endless motivation to farm the key warden monsters. Account bound fabulous items are the goal to farm the demonic essence. We do not want to wait until the Expansion day to experience something new and interesting.


What change is the need you want in Patch 1.0.8? Cast your vote and make your voice heard.


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