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Diablo 3 Guide: Items in Auction House for Barbarian
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide09/25/2012


The Diablo 3 Items in the Auction House are mingled with decent price and overpriced. Only when you have a good judgment can you avoid pay too much for a good item. This time we would like to share the experience in choosing Barbarian Weapon.



1. Critical Hit Damage is the number element you need to consider. Critical Hit Damage will influence the Life steal. If your DPS is 40K and Life steal is 2.5%, your Life per second is 1000. The higher your DPS is, more life you will get in one second. The Critical Hit Damage can then influence the life steal by affecting the DPS.



2. Fixed Life on Hit should ensure +1500 to remain high Life Globe. The first weapon has Each Hit Adds +841 Life. If you have two Diablo 3 Items like this, you can have a fixed 1682 Life on Hit. And the Attacks per second are 1.3. Then you will have over 2000 life in one second.


3. The benefits of the weapon with sockets is to be able to insert a 100% critical hit damage weapon. As we have mentioned before, the critical Hit Damage is very important to the Barbarian. So the Sockets can give you additional damage and life. If you have enough D3 Gold, please select the 100% critical hit damage gem as the gem can be used as long as you like. And now this kind of gem is about 14,720,000 Diablo 3 Gold.


4. Weapon with Critical Hit Damage, Life on Hit or Life Steal is really a good choice. As you can see, the two weapons we choose have all the stats and the price is fairly cheap. As one is Life on Hit and the other is Life steal, If you have a large stock of Diablo 3 Gold, the two would help you a lot in clear the dungeon in Inferno Mode.

5. Average Damage influence the price gap in the two Diablo 3 Items. The two have the important stats of sockets and over 90% Critical Hit Damage and Life on Hit and Life steal. But the Average Damage of about 200 can increase as high as 7 times price difference.


6. Choose the latter one if you have enough Life on Hit. First of all, the latter is 600,000,000 cheaper than the previous one. And this means a lot. Then the stats the latter one have is not much worse the previous one.


With the guides we have above, you can choose the weapon you want at a decent price then. Good luck. Visit our store and get more practical guides for Diablo 3.


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