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Poll: How do You Think of the Scorpions XP Reduced in D3
tag namePoll04/11/2013

If you have read the developer journal, you would find that in Patch 1.0.8 the Scorpions XP bonus would be nerved by 75%. This is a huge impact on the players who enjoy the farming in Act III. Of course, there is an official explanation that this XP decrease movement is to keep the game in balance as there have been great improvement of Multiplayer XP bonus. What’s more, previously, the Scorpions are too high which is not normal. How do you think of the scorpions XP reduction in Diablo 3?


Welcomed Change: There has been monster density change in other Act as most players would rather farm in Act 3. The monster pack are denser and XP bonus higher. Any movement to normalize Act III is a welcomed change actually. This would drive the players to try other Act and other monster instead of focus on the Act III Scorpions. It is kind of silly act.


Nothing Different: I generally complete the full act and do Alkaizer run. It make no difference to me. As long as there is no density change in Act III, i do not care what kind of change they would apply into Patch 1.0.8. Actually we should not be too happy if there are something to be buffs and not too sad if changes about nerfs. Anyway, it is just a game.


Disappointed Movement: This would change my farming habit enormously. This is really a disappointed movement. When you try to talk with them about the game balance in the Brawling, they would say they do not mean that. But now, they would change the game enormously to try to make the game balance. This actually a failure. 75% is too much for Act III lovers to bear.


Do you a Act III lover? What’s your personal opinions about this Scorpions XP reduction? Join us and discuss it together.

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