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Diablo 3 Guide: Witch Doctor Zombie Bears Skill Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide04/10/2013

If you have a Witch Doctor teammate, you would be interested in the big Bear always standing besides him or her. Most WD would try the Zombie Bears build as this would be efficient and safe to farm the high monster powers. This time we would discuss the Witch Doctor Zombie Bears Skill build with you. Below is the skills and runes for this build.

diablo 3 witch doctor guide zombie bears skill build skills and runes


Zombie Charger- Zombie Bears: This skill and rune is the core skills of this skill build. This bear would give the target big weapon damage but cost 140 Mana as well. In the items choice, you should then choose items with Mana maximum and Mana regenerations. This skill is mainly about poison damage.


Spirit Barrage- Well of Souls is a physical damage skill. Rune well of souls can increase the blast to four which would increase the targeted enemies. This can make up the one target damage of Zombie Bears. In high Monster Power, monsters are never in a pack less than four.


Soul Harvest- Vengeful Spirit can increase your DPS as well as dealing damage. This is skill to help you increase the efficiency.


Horrify- Frightening Aspect would turn enemies in fear which could help you if you are surrounded by packs. Haunt- Draining Spirit is the skill to gain Mana if you are in shortage of the Mana. You could replace the Haunt with Summon Zombie Dogs- Life Link as well. This would absorb damage for you.


Passive Skills Gruesome Feast, Rush of Essence and Grave Injustice. This can help you to gain Mana and Intelligence when you are healed by the Health Potion. Rush of Essence is another means to reduce the cost of Mana for skills like Haunt and Horrify. Grave Injustice can give you the opportunity to be ready again just by stepping away from the enemies for a while. And then your health, Mana and skills are all ready for another attempt.


Zunimassa Set: As long as you collect all the four items, you could gain +130 Intelligence, +55 all resistance and increase Mana regeneration. With this set, this skill build would never encounter the problems of Mana shortage. For High Critical Hit Chance Control Mode Witch Doctor, you could visit our Diablo 3 Guide Tag part.

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