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Diablo 3 Guide: Wizard Critical Mass Explosive Blast Skill Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide04/07/2013

Diablo 3 Wizard specialize in the large AOE damage. Critical Mass Explosive Blast skill build is the main stream in the Wizard circle. But there are two categories, defensive and aggressive. This time we would analyze the two builds with items match for you.


Diablo 3 Items for Wizard Build: Chantodo set would be the priority choice for Wizard players. Weapon search should include socket, +190 Intelligence, + attack speed and critical hits grant 10 Arcane power. A weapon like this one can cost you about 500,000,000 Diablo III Gold. Chantodo’s Will and Chantodo’s Force would give additional 130 Intelligence and reduce damage by elite by 7%. With the intelligence in the weapon, off-hand and the additional bonus, you could get 400 intelligence and critical hit chance, attack speed. This would increase your DPS enormously which can match your total Paragon Level 100 intelligence bonus.

diablo 3 wizard weapon chantodo's will


Diablo 3 Wizard Critical Mass Explosive Blast Skill Build: You could guess the main skills in this build are Passive skill Critical Mass and Active skill Explosive Blast with rune Chain Reaction. In aggressive play style, the other two passive skills are Evocation to reduce all CD by 15% and Cold Blooded to increase the 20% frozen damage. With the combination of Critical Mass, you could make the Diamond Skin and Frost Nova available as you want. With the critical hit chance to reduce the cool down time, you could almost use the life saving skill Diamond Skin and Frost Nova without limit.

diablo 3 wizard defensive critical mass explosive blast skill build


You could change the Evocation into Unstable Anomay which would “heal to 45% of your maximum life in fatal damage” if you would play it safe and in high Monster power. As there are more monsters with higher health, Teleport would be great skill for you to get out the crowd as well. Actually, you could choose Slow Time to slow down the enemy movement as well. This one would have greater advantage in low Monster Power like MP4. The bubble would not be efficient in a mass of Monsters. The other skills and runes are the same as you can see in the skill builds.


If you are interested in Wizard Archon Skill Build, you could visit our news part for more information.

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