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Poll: What do You Want Most in Multiplayer
tag namePoll04/03/2013

The latest developer journal has put great emphasis on the multiplayer mode. I guess most players have played with other player in public game or with your friends. What do you want most in Multiplayer, the XP bonus, decreased Monster health or the Friendship?


XP Bonus: Hellfire Ring, Helm gem can all add the experience for our farming. Solo is always more efficient than the team we believe. But now, there would be XP bonus increase when you farming with other players. One teammate means 10% XP bonus. Four players team can add as high as 30% XP bonus which has the same effect of another Hellfire Ring.


Monster Health: If you farm with others, it becomes more difficulty. I guess you would rather solo as it is more efficient. But if you farm with others, the difficulty is less, you would consider to farm with other players. Now there is a large decrease in Monster Health in team work. I guess when I can farm faster and with additional XP bonus, there is no reason why I should not participate in the public game.


Friendship: Sometimes, we tag along with friends not for the loots but for the shared experience. When we want to have another hero, the help of friends is always faster than the farming help of the Hellfire ring and Leoric’s Ring. In game, we can talk about the life. And in life, you can talk the game, the patch and the loots. It would be wonderful to have someone to share your joys.


Finally there are some changes for the Multiplayer mode. The players near you, identify all functions are all the popular function players want. I guess Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8 would bring a lot of players back. What’s more, players would like to join the team increasingly. Now tell us, what is your motivation to join the team?


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