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Diablo 3 Guide: Monk Thunderclap Sweeping Wind Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide03/27/2013

This time I would like to share Diablo 3 Monk Thunderclap Sweeping Wind Build with you. There are two main skills which are Fists of Thunder with Rune Thunderclap and Skill Sweeping Wind with rune Cyclone.


Below is Monk thunderclap Sweeping Wind Build:

diablo 3 monk thunderclap sweeping wind skills and runes


Fists of Thunder- Thunderclap can teleport to the target and do the damage which is another means to increase the movement speed. This could increase the farming efficiency a lot. This is really great when you are chasing some running monsters.


Sweeping Wind- Cyclone can release the electrical cyclone which is gorgeous with tremendous damage as well.


Blinding Flash- Faith in the Light is a rune to add the 30% holy damage. This could increase the sheet damage enormously.


Breath of Heaven- Blazing Wrath can increase DPS under Buff as well.

Serenity- Ascension can increase the duration to four seconds. Serenity can shield you from all kind of damage. This can save your life always. This can save you a lot of Diablo 3 Gold repair fees.


Mantra of Conviction- Overawe is kind of Buff which can increase the damage. This would not be shown on the sheet.


You could see that I have chosen three Buff skills, in which two are life-saving skills as well as the damage increase skills. This could increase the survivability and DPS. As these skill are with cool down time, in the passive skills I have chosen Beacon of Ytar to decrease the CD time. In this build, you should shift the Blinding Flash and Serenity to ensure your DPS and Health. As soon as your Health is under some certain line, you should use Breath of Heaven then. In the equipment choices, it is better to choose Inna four sets. Decrease the spirit cost of Sweeping Wind, with the inna set, you would only have to spend five point spirits to use this skill.


The advantage of this build is the strong survivability. Generally you would not die. You could use this build in high Monster Power solo or with your team. You could increase the Buff and control the situation for them. This skill build can control as well damage output. There is a Monk Screenshots Story in our store. If you are interested, you could visit our news part for more information.


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